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Looking for some tweaks to get more speed or exert less energy? Nat Gohl is a champion SUP racer who runs individual and group SUP race classes to help you get ready for your next race, become a racer, or refine your skills to get better at SUP racing.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our Advanced SUP Classes can benefit you.

Some Helpful Tips:

Race Paddle Stroke Technique

  1. SUP Race Sstroke requires you to really engage your core muscles and use your weight to maximize the power applied in every stroke.
  2. To maximize the glide and speed, stand in the center of the board with a parallel stance to keep the board evenly trimmed.  Each dip of the board left or right will affect the glide and water resistance.
  3. Extend your grip with the lower arm and insert the blade as far forwards as possible to increase the leverage and power of each stroke.
  4. Continue using the top arm to drive the blade deep in the water, keeping the paddle as straight and vertical as possible to track in a straight line.
    • As you pull the paddle towards you, twist your hips to engage your core to help generate extra power. Apply your weight downwards by bending forwards with each stroke, focusing on pulling yourself past the paddle.

Sprint Technique

  1. To increase your sprint speed, stagger your stance so that your back foot is positioned further back on the side you are paddling on. This will allow you to twist all your weight into each stroke.
  2. As you paddle, you can lift your heal of the back foot to reach further forwards to generate extra power from the stroke.

Race Turning – Step Back Turn

  1. Step your leash foot back and move to the back of the board to lift the nose out of the water to initiate the turn. Place your back foot sideways so that you can push your heel into the board to help aid the turn and keep your front foot facing forwards to remain stable. The further back you step back, the faster the turn.
  2. Place your paddle as wide as possible on each stroke. Keep your paddle close to the water to use as a tool to increase stability as it can be used as a brace.
  3. As you step forwards, bring the back foot forward again so that both feet are facing forwards. As you build confidence you can cross step back into a parallel stance to increase speed of the transiti
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