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Stand Up Paddle SA offers SUP yoga classes on the ocean in front of the Seacliff Brighton Sailing Club and the Patawalonga.  This is an amazing experience for all yoga levels.

All our classes include a soft deck inflatable sup. Their soft deck feels almost like a Yoga mat and makes you feel comfortable on the board instantly and much more forgiving and comfortable when doing yoga – you can even easily do headstands on them!

SUP Yoga on the ocean is a fantastic way of strengthening your core as your body stabilises the board through the various poses and managed the drift of the board and the waves.  Please note that our SUP yoga classes on the ocean are weather dependant.

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Why SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga (yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board) is a great new way of working out. It provides benefits to the mind and body. The different Asanas (Yoga postures) and Pranayamas (breathing techniques) are carried out standing, lying or sitting on the board on the water. That means the board becomes a “swimming Yoga mat”: The intensity of each pose is increased by providing you with a greater challenge and added benefits. Your balance will improve as will your Yoga performance – as the board is constantly moving your body is working hard to stay stable, if done regularly it will lead to improved proprioception. It’s also a great way to tell if you are performing your Yoga poses correctly – if you put to much weight through one side of your body, the board will react.

The special thing about SUP Yoga is the total serenity with being on “your own little island”, the elusiveness, the direct connection to nature, the calming effect of the water, the soft rocking waves, the fresh air, the beauty of nature surrounding you.

SUP Yoga is already a craze in the US and in Europe it is offered more and more! Now it’s available here in Australia in a safe environmentally controlled location at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Marion.

Standup Paddle SA offer Ocean SUP Yoga Classes (weather permitting) in Seacliff in front of the Sailing Club and at the Pat.

Call to book in as space in all our SUP Yoga Classes is limited and we often book out.

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